pay per view

How to Enable Pay-per-view Feature? Monetize your Live Streams! Start earning by live streaming. The pay-per-view option on Livebox enables the aspect to monetize your Livebox streaming channel. To get the Livebox subscription, go to,  Under “System Settings,” go to the Pay-per-view section and enable your payment method. Then under “Channel Settings” go to the […]



How to Enable Adaptive Bitrate Streaming? Live Stream at Multiple Bitrates! Stream your live streams at multiple video resolutions and provide the convenience to change the video quality according to the viewers’ data capacity. To get the Livebox subscription, go to,  Go to Transcoding from the navigation menu. Make sure that you at least have […]

Player Customization

Player Customization

How to Customize the Livebox Player? Customize the Livebox Player with your Brand Theme! Effortlessly customize the Livebox player to match your brand theme. To get the Livebox subscription, go to,  Go to the “Player Settings.” Choose the color pickers to change the play button and the control bar color.  And here’s your video help! […]

Live Radio

How to Set Up Radio Station? Go Air! Radio broadcasting made simple with the Livebox Radio App! All you have to do is, create a station and add your playlist. To get the Livebox subscription, go to,  Install the Live Radio App from the Livebox app store. Create your station. To go air follow the […]

App Store

How to Install Apps from the Livebox App Store? Install Multiple Apps! Livebox App store keeps adding new mobile apps customarily that prop up live streaming. The apps are as follows, Video Conferencing App APK Builder Live Radio Cloud Playout Simple Conferencing Document Spreadsheet SEO Panel CRM Draw To get the Livebox subscription, go to,  […]

Digital Video Recording

Digital video recording

How to Live Stream on Multiple Streaming Destinations using Livebox? Playback Live Streams Anytime! Record your live streams digitally and give your viewers the advantage to playback your live streams anytime. To get the Livebox subscription, go to,  Go to “Player Settings” and enable the DVR option to the preferred channel. The next time when […]

Live Streaming Channel


How to Go Live on Livebox Channel? Begin with Creating a Streaming Channel! Just by creating a channel on Livebox, you can concurrently go live on multiple streaming destinations. To get the Livebox subscription, go to,  Go to Create Channel to create an RTMP channel.  On your preferred encoders, apply the RTMP URL and stream […]