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How to Restrict Streams on the Livebox Streaming Server?

Livebox maintains secure privacy for its users. Though piracy can’t be eradicated, it can be controlled to some extent. To restrict your streams,

  • Go to Manage Channels from the navigation menu and click Channel Settings.
Livebox channel settings
  • Under Channel Setting, go to Restrictions, where you can see restrictions for the domain, IP, stream, and Geo-blocking.

-To restrict any domain/websites, turn on Domain restrictions for the player.
-To restrict any IP/website address, turn on IP restrictions for the player.
-To restrict your streams to only selected IP/websites, turn on Stream restrictions.
-To restrict your stream on a country basis, turn on Geo-blocking.


To restrict your streams,

  • Select the Channel to which you want to restrict its streams.
  • Turn on the preferred restriction.
  • Enter the domain/IP address or country you want to restrict your streams.
  • After entering the domain/IP/country in the bar, click on the add icon. 
  • You also have the options to choose either to viewed by a particular Website/IP/Domain/Country or except the ones mentioned.
stream restrictions
  • So, after adding the IP/domain/ country to restrict your streams, click the “Save” button.
live streams restrictions

The above give illustrations are for Stream Restriction. The same can be done for Domain and IP Restrictions as well. For Geo-blocking, you can select the name of the country that you want to block your streams and then save your changes.