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Explore Livebox

Start your streaming journey by creating an RTMP channel! Create a number of RTMP channels and set up your live streaming platform on your own. 

Livebox live streaming

Own your player with varied options like color customization, player logo, and other player settings. 

Record live streams

Record live streams in HLS, MP4, and FLV formats and save your videos for future broadcasting or even to watch later.

streaming on all social Media destinations

Be popular! Reach Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube social media destinations and take your live streams across the world.


Transcoding is the conversion of live streamed encoded digital video into another digital format. Transcoding helps to achieve yourself in adjusting your streams with your viewers
video quality.

Livebox Queues feature

Wondering what Queues are for? 

An in-built encoder feature that helps in scheduling streams 24/7. 


Speed Test Livebox server

Check your server’s speed, internet and also receiver’s speed using the Livebox Speed Test.

Livebox chat live streaming

Embed chat on your websites to engage in real-time chatting with your viewers. 

Livebox Autostream

Create playlists from your YouTube videos/uploaded files and Autostream it live on several media destinations.

Livebox App Store

Install the programmed apps from the Livebox App store and have a professional streaming experience. There is also an APK builder provided by which you can create your IPTV app on your own. 


Host WordPress, GRAV, Typesetter, and HTML Websites to promote your business. 

Avoid streaming delays due to network challenges by switching to Low Latency Streaming.

One-stop solution for all the streaming needs. Install the in-built Encoderplayout, and Mixer for free and start live streaming without the additional need for any other software or encoders. 

Have an incredible virtual communication experience! Start a video call regardless of location and time with the Video Conferencing tool from the Livebox app store. 

For the easy live scheduling of files, the File Streaming feature helps in automating video files (MP4) to go live on multiple streaming destinations. 

Anyone can own a streaming OTT platform with the Livebox OTT Toolkit.  

Personalized User & Roles permissions to manage admin and sub-users access to the Livebox server. 

Encoders are no longer needed! Go instantly live anytime and anywhere with the WebRTC feature.