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An Overview


Livebox, a streaming server beknown among its users for its flexibility. All of Livebox's vivid features and apps give its users the best and easiest streaming experience.

Livebox is the only streaming server that allows multi-channel live video streaming with transcoding, and it comes inclusive of all hardware required on the cloud. Livebox also includes a fully licensed playout, mixing and encoding software at absolutely no additional cost to the user. The other distinctive programmed apps, Autostream feature, and Livebox TV setup set the Livebox’s standard as the complete streaming package on the market.

Thus, our Livebox subscribers will receive a promising service for all their live streaming events of sports, news telecasts, concerts, movies, TV shows, tutorials, wedding events or any event organization.

Note:  Transcoding 24/7 benefit is applicable for one channel depending on the plan that is purchased or the configuration of the server.

Key concepts

  • Streaming
    Audio-video sources are digitized for broadcasting on media platforms.
  • Recording
    Recording of FLV, MP4, HLS sources are incorporated in such a way that the user can view recorded files before the entire file is transmitted to the network.
  • Encoding
    Livebox is the only streaming server that acts as an encoder by itself. Recorded videos can be added to the queues to be encoded and then to be streamed. Above all, the user can also download Encoder-Mixer-Playout software at free of cost.
  • Transcoding
    Converts existing encoded digital format into another digital format.

Business Tools

Dashboard Consists of preview to view your video source, number of created channels, disk space usage and other system overviews.
System Overview Provides information on CPU load, Memory usage, Disk write and Disk read, In and Out Bandwidth.
Channelization Every created channel will get automatically generated embed codes and other diverse functionalities.
Chat Embed Codes Auto-generated chat embed codes (HTTP & HTTPS) to enable chatting on the website for communication between the event organizer, channel owner or Livebox admin with the viewers.
Speed Test Speed testers to show Download speed and upload speed in accuracy.
Mixer & Playout Software

1. Playout- Free in-built playout and encoding all-in-one software.

2. Mixer- In-built free mixer software for advertisements or video mixing while live streaming is on.
Livebox Autostream Automation of a bunch of live playlists created with the YouTube videos.
Websites Helps in hosting WordPress, GRAV, Typesetter and HTML sites without the support of website developers.
Livebox OTT Toolkit OTT Toolkit package to set up OTT platform.
Livebox App Store

Ready-made programmed apps to reinforce the live streaming experience.

Available Apps- APK Builder, Accounting, CRM, Cloud Playout, Document, Draw, Live Radio, SEO Panel, Simple Conferencing, Spreadsheet and Video Conferencing.

Videoconferencing App A video conferencing app that provides virtual communication. You can also integrate the app with any mobile app or web apps with the provided REST APIs or SDKs.
Pay-per-view Monetization of live streams for every view.
User & Roles Live streaming sub-users and roles for admin management.
Player Settings Personalization of the live streaming player with notable features like Countdown, DVR, Logo and Color customization options.

Streaming Types

  • 360-degree Streaming
    Live streaming of video sources captured from 360-degree camera devices. 
  • File Streaming
    Live streaming of local files and the files recorded/uploaded files on the Livebox server. 
  • Low Latency Streaming
    Live streaming of an event without zero delay. 
  • Multi-bitrate Streaming
    Live streaming a video source at multiple bitrates. 
  • WebRTC Streaming
    Instant live streaming without the support of any other external devices/encoders. 
  • SRT Streaming
    Reliable mode to conduct live streaming amidst challenging and unpredictable network conditions. 
  • Restreaming
    Restreaming a live streaming event through the client portal by the sub-user. 
  • CCTV Streaming
    Live streaming of CCTV camera footage for real-time monitoring. 

Supported by,

  •  iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • HLS Sources