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Live Streaming Using vMix

How to Live Stream on the Livebox Server Using vMix as an Encoder?

  Livebox streaming server is multidimensional in nature, it can encode, stream and, transcode by working alone. At the same time, the Livebox server is also adaptable enough to go along with any many encoders or streaming software. vMix is one such streaming software which is supported by Livebox. Though Livebox works with external software, still the streaming process is simple and easy.

The following steps will give you the understanding to use vMix with Livebox.

  • Create your channel in Livebox.
  • Go to vMix and click “Add Input” from the bottom left corner.
vMix streaming
  • A dialog box “Input Select” opens, where you can click “Browse” to add your source to vMix.
Vmix stream settings
  • After selecting your source, click “OK”. And your source is added.
live streaming using Vmix
  • Now go to the Livebox Channel Dashboard under Manage Channels from the navigation menu and click Streaming URL to copy the streaming RTMP URL.
streaming URL
streaming URLs
  • Then go to vMix and click Stream. A new dialog box Streaming Settings opens, where you can enter the copied streaming URL in the URL tab and enter Stream name or Key. And then give “Start”.
live streaming
  • After giving a start, go to the vMix main page and click the icon to play your source.
streaming live using vmix
  • Now go to Livebox Channel Dashboard to preview your live streaming. 
live streaming

And from here you can push live streams to your social media destinations or any other streaming platforms.