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Pushing Live Streams on Periscope

How to Live Stream on Periscope through the Push Destination Option?

     Multi-channel usability is one of the features that Livebox integrates as it helps in distributing content around the globe over multiple mediums efficiently. Through Livebox the users can send their live streaming videos to all media that supports RTMP sources. Twitter is one such media which is supported by Livebox to stream live videos. And when it comes to streaming live, Twitter is popularly known as Periscope. The following steps will provide you clear-cut representations to stream your videos on Periscope using the Livebox streaming server.

  • Create your channel on Livebox and stream a source to the channel.
  • Then preview the live source on the Livebox Dashboard.
live streaming
  • Now go to Push Destinations under Manage Channels.
push destinations
  •  A Push Destinations window opens, select your streaming channel and then click the “Add Destination” button located on the right side or the thunder button on the left side to select your destination.
select destinations
  •  A dialog box “Share on” with several destinations shows up. As you wanted to stream live on Twitter, select the Periscope option.             

Note:  If you select the option Automatically TURN ON when adding push value, the live stream will automatically begin to happen in your Periscope destination once the live streaming set-up is done. Otherwise, you have to manually turn on the push value to continue your live streaming on Periscope.

  • Once you select your destination as Periscope, another dialog box “Share on” to enter your Periscope account URL opens. 
  • Now go to your  Periscope account and login with your credentials. 
  • Then click your profile icon and select “Producer”.
Watch LIVE on periscope
  • In “Producer” page, click on “Create New Source”to get the Server URL and Stream Key for your live broadcasting.
periscope live streaming
  • Now copy the Server URL and Stream Key. 

Note:  Always keep your Server URL and Stream key safe to avoid misuse in any form.

  • Now go to Livebox server and paste the copied Server URL and Stream key and click “Submit”.

Note:  While copying the Server URL and Stream key, the Server URL should be copied followed by a forward slash (/) and then the Stream key.

  • Your Periscope destination is now added under the Push Destination

Note:  If you didn’t select the Automatically TURN ON when adding push value option, then you have to manually Turn On the push value to start your live streaming.

  • You can also set a Preset for your live streaming. The default preset is “Streamcopy”.
  • Now go to your Periscope account.
  • The Periscope starts to fetch your source for broadcasting.
  • Give a title for your broadcast, select your audience and then click on Go Live. Also, make sure that share this broadcast on Twitter option is checked.
periscope live
  • Check the live streaming on your twitter account.
live periscope

You have successfully streamed your source live on Twitter through Push Destination.