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Livebox Chat

How to Embed Livebox Live Chatting on Websites/Blogs? 

In Livebox, live chatting between the event organizer, channel owner or the Livebox admin with viewers can be easily done with the following steps.

  • Go to Channel Dashboard from the navigation menu.
  • Inside the chatbox, you can enter your name. And then you can type your message in the message bar.
chat on Livebox
  • Then click the send button to send your message.
live chatting on Livebox
  • To delete your messages, you can click and use the delete button.
live chat broadcast on Livebox
  • Now to embed your chatting session on your blogs or websites, first select your streaming channel on which you are conducting the live interaction.
Select channel
  • And then click the Embed Code button of that streaming channel.
embed code
  • You’ll get the embed codes for your player as well as the chat. To get the chat embed code, scroll down and based upon whether your site is secure or not, you can prefer between the Embed Code and the Secure Embed Code.

Note:  If your site is secure i.e, https encrypted, then you can use the Secure Embed Code to embed your chatting session on your blogs or website. If your site is not secure, then you can go on with the normal Embed Code.

embed code for Livebox chat

On embedding the chat embed code on your blogs or websites, your viewers can also join you on the live interaction session.

Happy Live Chatting!