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How to Enable Sign Up Option for the Video Conferencing App?

In User & Roles settings, the signup option for the video conferencing app can be enabled. By doing so, the user gets access to register by themselves to start to use the video conferencing app.

So to enable the Signup option,

  • First, create a Video Conferencing role under the “Add Role” settings.
add role
  • Click the “Create Role” button and a dialog box opens, where you can create a role for the Video Conferencing app.
  • Enter the role name and click the Video Conferencing option under the Client Portal Access.
add video conferencing role
  • Enable the required settings and “Save” the role.
video conferencing app

Now the Video Conferencing role is created. You can go on further by creating one more role for the “Signup” option.

  • So, again click the “Create Role” button to add the Signup role.
  • After giving a role name, click the “Allow Signup” option.
allow sign up option
  • Select the created video conferencing role and set the “Conference Limit.”

Note:  In the Conference Limit option, You can set the limit for users to create conferences. And the conference limit you set is permitted within your server total limit.

  • Then click the “Submit” button. 
video conferencing app

A Signup option for the Video Conferencing app is enabled. 
By providing the Client Portal link (e.g., to your users, they can start registering by themselves to use the video conferencing app. 

  • From the Client Portal sign-up page, the user will register by providing their details.
Livebox video conferencing app
  • Once the registration is done successfully, they can start to use the app by logging in.
sign up for Livebox video conferencing app
  • And as users keep registering, the user details will be updated automatically on the Signup User menu.
video conferencing app for video conferencing