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Web-based Spreadsheet

How to Install and Use the Web-based Spreadsheet App from Livebox?

 In the Livebox app store, you can install the Spreadsheet App that stores your data on the web. With this web-based spreadsheet, you can conduct business presentations and surveys in graphs and charts. As this is a web-based spreadsheet, there will be a unique URL link generated. Through the URL link, you can access the same spreadsheet data anywhere with no need of multiple shared folders or folders for multiple systems. You can also send the spreadsheet link to your peers and enable them to check or edit the data. You can now install the Spreadsheet app within the Livebox server app store and get started with this app in one go.

  • As soon as you install the app, you can click “Open” and get started with the Spreadsheet.
  • Once you are in the spreadsheet, you can get the unique URL of that particular spreadsheet data on the URL bar.
Livebox spreadsheet app
  • You can also edit this URL to your choice by changing the later part of the URL link.
getting started with Livebox spreadhseet app
  • After making changes to this link, copy the link and send it to your peers, so that they can refer and cross-check or even make changes to the data.
spreadsheet app from Livebox

So, the next time when you create a budget, calculate tax, percentage, and revenue for your business purpose, you can use this web-based spreadsheet installed from Livebox.