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Simple Conferencing

How to Start Video Conferencing Using the Simple Conference App on Livebox? 

The simple conference is a video conferencing tool installed from Livebox which is effective for video calls among your closest circle as well as your business circle. This simple conferencing tool is just like any other video conferencing app or software with the basic video conferencing features that require only minimal storage space. So, for all your casual talks or business discussions, you can use this simple conferencing tool and start your video calls in one go.

  • Install the Simple Conferencing app from the Livebox app store. 
  • After installing the app, click “Open” to get started with Simple Conferencing. 
  • You can also open this tool on the new page of your browser. 
simple conferencing video calling app
  • Connect your webcam and microphone to the simple conferencing tool. 
simple conferencing video calling app from Livebox
  • It shows the green alert Connected when the app receives network, webcam, and microphone connectivity. 
video conferencing app
  • Now, invite your peers to the video call by clicking on the Invitation link located at the top center of the page. 
invite peers for the video conferencing
  • Once your webcam and microphone are connected, you can see your webcam source displayed on the screen. 
best video conferencing app from Livebox
  • And when your peer joins the conference through the invitation link, you can start the real-time conversation with your peer. 
video conferencing app for easy conferencing

So by using the Simple Conference app, you can anytime start a face-to-face conversation with your friends/business partner within a few minutes.