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Autostream Settings

On Autostream settings, you have options to change the following settings.

  • You can add/remove links from your existing playlist.
  • You can delete the existing playlist and create a fresh playlist.
  • You can change the RTMP link of your streaming destination.
  • You can change/edit your playlist logo.
  • So, to do changes to your Autostream playlist,

    • Go to your existing playlist and click the “Settings” icon.
    Livebox Autostream
    • A dialog box “Settings” opens, where you can see the links of an already existing playlist. 
    • If you want to edit the existing playlist, you can make changes under “Edit Existing Playlist”. Otherwise,  click the “Create Fresh Playlist” option to create a new set of a playlist.
    Playlist autostreaming
    • After entering a new playlist ID, channel ID or links, click the “Start a Fresh Playlist” button.
    automated playlists
    • A fresh playlist is created.
    live playlist autostreaming
    • Likewise, you can also change the RTMP URL of your streaming channel.
    • Click the “Edit RtmpUrl/Logo” option, enter the RTMP URL link of your channel/website and then click the “Start Again” button. And your YouTube sources will be streamed live to your new channel/website.
    live playlist streaming
    • To preview your source, go to your channel dashboard and click the play button and preview the live streaming of your YouTube videos.
    live streaming

    You have successfully made changes to your Livebox Playlist.