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Pushing Live Streams on YouTube

How to Live Stream on YouTube through the Push Destination Option?

   Anything  in live streaming is possible with Livebox. You can stream, encode, transcode and reach several media platforms with one Livebox. Though the Livebox offers multiple ways for live streaming purpose, it is always easy and simple to conduct live streaming using the Livebox, and the following steps will help you in achieving your first YouTube live streaming.

To live stream on YouTube through the Push Destination method,

  • Create your channel on Livebox and stream a source to the channel.
  • Then preview the live source on the Livebox Dashboard.
live streaming
  • Now go to Push Destinations under Manage Channels.
push destinations
  • A Push Destinations window opens, select your streaming channel and then click the “Add Destination” button located on the right side or the thunder button on the left side to select your destination.
select destinations
  • A dialog box “Share on” with several destinations shows up. As you wanted to stream live on YouTube, select the YouTube option and click then Go live now to get connected to YouTube.

Note:  If you select the option Automatically TURN ON when adding push value, the live stream will automatically begin to happen on your YouTube destination once the live streaming set-up is done. Otherwise, you have to manually turn on the push value to continue your live streaming on YouTube.


  • After clicking go live now, it will lead to another dialog box where you can choose your YouTube account.
youtube live streaming using push destination
  • Give “allow” to to access your Google Account.
YouTube live streaming
  • Once you choose your YouTube account, you will get a notification from Livebox stating “Created Successfully” and now you can give “OK”.
YouTube live streaming using the Livebox streaming server
  • In your YouTube main page click the icon from the top right corner and select Go live.
YouTube go live
  • A new page with streaming specifications opens where you can select the Stream BETA and go to ClassicLive Streaming located near the bottom right corner.
push live streams to YouTube
  • A Creator Studio page opens, where you can fill your requirements in “Basic Info” and “Stream Options”.
  • Once you click the “OK” button, you can minimize the window to see your YouTube destination being added in Livebox server. You are now on YouTube live.

Note:  If you didn’t select the Automatically TURN ON when adding push value option, then you have to Turn On the push value to start your live streaming.

live streaming on YouTube
  • Back on YouTube, YouTube’s live streaming platform is ready to receive the live content from the Livebox server.
go live on YouTube
  • The live streaming content from the Livebox server is now fetched on YouTube and it is on live.
YouTube live streaming using Livebox
  • To check your live stream, go to YouTube and click “My channel” from the top right corner.
YouTube live
  • In your channel uploads, you can see your streaming video is streaming on. Click the video to view it.
live on YouTube

And you did it!