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Enable Domain HTTPS Redirection

How to Enable HTTPS Redirection of Your Domain?    

When your domain isn't SSL encrypted, it is possible for intruders to access your server through HTTP redirection i.e, Not Secure mode. So to secure you domain, you can now enable the HTTPS redirection of your server domain based on your preference.

not secure site

So to force all your server URLs to HTTPS redirection, you have to Turn On HTTPS Redirection option given on the Livebox HTTP settings.

To Turn On HTTPS Redirection settings,

Note:   You can always change your server password for your security in the future, which we recommend too.

  • First make sure whether you have enabled SSL encryption for your domain server.
  • Then go to HTTP Settings under Settings from the navigation menu. 
Livebox HTTPS settings
  • Turn on the HTTPS Redirection setting and then click the arrowed button to change the settings.
  • Now you can go to the new tab on your browser and enter your domain URL.

And from now on, whenever you enter your domain URL on your browser, it will always open in HTTPS mode.