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Package Plan and Subscription

How to Manage Package plan and Subscription in the Livebox TV?

  In Livebox TV it is possible to create a number of package plans in a few steps. Once a package plan is created you can subscribe ito the number of users to get your channel service. So, to create a package plan for your Livebox TV channel and assign the subscription to your users,

  • Go to Packages from the navigation menu.
Livebox IPTV
  • In Packageplan go to the “Add Packageplan” option.
  • Enter your package name, and set your package price, plan duration, and categories.
  • Then click “Submit”.
package plans in Livebox IPTV
  • You can view or edit your package plan under “Manage Packageplan”.                                   
IPTV Package plan
Now to assign the subscription to your users,
  • Go to Subscriptions from the navigation menu.
  • In “Subscription” click the “Add Subscription” option.
  • Select your user, package, and validity.
  • Then give “Add”.
subscription on Livebox
You have successfully assigned a subscription to your user.
  • To view or edit your subscription list you can go to “Manage Subscription” to make changes.
manage subscription on Livebox

So, by creating a package plan you can manage your subscriptions as well as elevate your channel business to the next level.