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Fix Encoder Disconnection Issues

How to Fix Issues when your Encoder is Unable to Connect to your Server? 

To rectify your server connections problem,

server connectivity issues
  • Make sure your Livebox server is running.
  • Try clicking on “Service Restart” within the Livebox server.
  • Reboot the server if it is an option.
  • Make sure that the “Idle Streams” setting is turned “OFF”.

To turn OFF the Idle Streams setting,

  • Go to Viewers Report from the navigation menu. 
viewers report
  • In the Viewers Report window, go to RTMP Stats.
RTMP Stats
  • In the RTMP Stats report of your streaming channel, if it shows the status 0 kb/s and idle. Then you have to undergo a setting change to make things right.
server connectivity issues
  • So now, go to Channel Settings under Manage Channels from the navigation menu.
channel settings
  • In Channel Settings, if the option “Idle Streams” is ON, then turn it “OFF”.
  • Then give “Service Restart” and your server connections will be retrieved.
idle streams settings

By following these steps you can rectify your server connections problem.