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Website Settings

To configure your website,

  • Go to the “Create site” page under Websites from the navigation menu.
wordpress websites
  • On the website you have created, click the “Settings” icon.
hosting wordpress websites
  • A dialog box “Site Settings” opens, and you can click on “Refresh Configuration” located in the top left corner if there occurs any issue in your site loading.
  • The default Username and password to log in to your site file browser are given. You can change your site username and password as you wish.

Note:  Make sure to make a note of your changed password. Once changed, the lost passwords cannot be retrieved.

  • In File Browser you can upload, delete, copy, move, rename, archive, extract files and make changes to your site theme.
website settings on Livebox

Service Monitoring

  • There are four service runs on your site.
  • To start, stop or Restart your site services, you can go to “Service Monitor.”
website service monitor

By following these steps, you can control, manage and perform actions on your site.