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Adding Breaks Using Playout Software

How to Add Breaks Using the Livebox Playout Software?

Breaks control in Livebox playout software is one of the important and useful features which adds a further professional touch to your live streams. You can add commercials or even short contents in the midst of your streaming playlists by using this feature. To add breaks to your streaming contents, you can follow the given steps below. The following steps will instruct you on how to add a break between two streaming contents.

  • Go to your playout window and click “Add File” under Schedule Playlist to add your content from your local files.
playout software
  • After your content is being added, under “Start Time” change your initiation time.
Livebox playout software
  • Then again, click “Add File” to add another content to your playlist.

Note:  You can even use Add List to add two or more contents to your playlist.

playout software from Livebox
  • Now click the content after which you want the break to happen. Then click “Add breaks” and breaks control opens where again click “Add File” to add your break between your streaming content.
Livebox inbuilt playout software
  • After adding the content, you can set the beginning time for your break under “Start Time”. The start time sets the interruption point on your playlist content and to play your break. And under “End Time” you can set the lasting time of your break.
live streaming using Livebox playout software
  • At the given time your playlist content sets to play and you can view it in your preview.
Livebox playout software for live streaming
  • In this given illustration you can see the break consecutively played in the midst of the streaming playlist content.
adding breaks using the Livebox playout software
  • After the given time of the break, again it starts to play the streaming playlist content.
playout software for adding breaks
  • Once the first playlist content is over, then it moves to your second playlist content as of how it is set in your playlist reference (time and date setting).
add breaks using playout software
  • To do likewise in your Livebox channel, you can follow these steps.
  • And then go to your Livebox encoder, enable preview and set Video device as Streaming Playout Device.
  • Then enter RTMP URL of your channel in the URL bar to add breaks to your live streams.
Livebox encoder software

By following these steps, you can add a break to your contents and stream it to several destinations through your Livebox RTMP channel.