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Facebook Push Destination: Automatic

Getting Started

Livebox is a video-streaming server that can live-stream videos to external social media platforms like Facebook. It is prominently known for its effortless automatic streaming in multiple portals and below is the procedure for streaming your video Live on Facebook.

Ready to push your streaming video to your Facebook page:

  • Create a channel in the Livebox server as per the procedure in the link

  •  Now,  stream the video on your channel on the Livebox server. You can Preview the streaming video in the Livebox Dashboard.
  • Select Manage Channels in the Navigation menu and click on Push Destinations.
  • The Push Destination window appears now, select the streaming channel and then click either on the Add Destination button on the right side or on the Thunder button on the left side to select your streaming destinations.
  • By clicking on the Add Destination button a Share ON dialogue box pops up. Select Facebook in the Share On dialogue box as you wish to stream your video on Facebook.

Note: By clicking on the ‘Automatically Turn ON when adding push value’ option the video will automatically be posted to the Facebook page once the video is streamed in the Livebox channel. You can also click on the GO LIVE option on Facebook.


  • A Facebook popup box appears with a ‘Push Livestream to Facebook’ option. By clicking on it, the video will be pushed to the Facebook page.


Now,  your Livebox streaming video is successfully pushed to your destined Facebook page.

The video is successfully streamed to Facebook through Push Destination.

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