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Getting Started!

You are here! It means you have subscribed to the Livebox service. Within two clicks you can get started with your Livebox Streaming Server and witness the world’s user-friendly streaming server.

Here you go!

First and foremost thing you got to do after being an official owner of Livebox server is, take a look at the mail sent by our IVB7 team, and pick up on the credentials provided for your initial log in. And you can start streaming your live events and take them across the world without any difficulty by using just one Livebox.

Note:   You can always change your server password for your security in the future, which we recommend too.

Happy Live Streaming with Livebox!

  • This is how the mail looks. The mail provides you a link to your interface along with your log in details. Click on the link so to enter your access page.
getting started with Livebox
  • You are on the first step of your Livebox streaming. To start your streaming journey, log in to your Dashboard.
Livebox login page
  • This is the second step of your Livebox streaming server. Enter the given Username and password from your mail to log in.
Livebox login
  • Finally! You are on your Livebox Dashboard. Explore and experience your Livebox server.
livebox streaming server

Dashboard– the place where you get most of your server’s information and easy access to other major settings of your server from the navigation menu. Some of them are:

  • Under Manage Channels, you can record, transcode and also MBR (Multi-Bitrate) streaming.
  • In System, you can test the speed of your server and create Sub-User.
  • To change your password and for other privacy settings, you can go to Security.
  • Channels– it is one of the important things that your server holds. Whatever the content you might stream but you always need a channel to take through your live streams to several media platforms. So, create your channel in Livebox to stay connected with the World. We have also provided you with a default channel for your ease. All you have to do get the RTMP URL of your channel, connect your encoder and GO LIVE.
  • System overview– you can get information about your server’s performance, all at one place without much wanderings.

    For other info on Livebox, go to “About Livebox” from our Knowledgebase site.

You are almost ready!
Congratulations! To you and your professional start out.