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Livebox App Store

How to Install Apps from the Livebox App Store?

The Livebox has now integrated the App Store to browse and install the corporate business applications within the server. So, it is now possible to download and install the apps that will essentially enhance the live streaming scope through the Livebox streaming server. To go to the App Store,

  • Click on the Apps from the navigation menu.
Livebox App store
  • The Apps Dashboard page opens. Now click on the “Go to the app store” menu located next to the “Refresh” button.  
app store
  • On the App Store page, you get access to all the Livebox apps.
Livebox Apps
  • To Install an app, click on the “Install” button. 
APK Builder
  • A notification “Are you sure want to install?” popup, and you can click on “OK.”
app warning message
  • The app starts to get downloaded. (You’ll get this notification at the bottom of this page.)
app installation
  • Once the app is finished downloading, the installation process starts.
Livebox App store
  • Now the app gets installed on the server.
  • You can get started with your installed app by clicking on the “Open” option.
APK Builder app
  • The dashboard contains the installed app. You can check app status, CPU usage, memory usage, and size. Based upon the requirement, the app can also be stopped or started.
Livebox apps dashboard

Note:  Installing apps to the server might consume CPU power and space storage. To resolve such issues stop the unused app in the app dashboard or clear cache in the Service Monitor.

  • To clear cache, go to “Service Monitor” from the navigation menu.
free encryption
  • And click on the “Clear cache” button located in the top right corner above the service table.
Livebox services
  • Clearing cache can provide relief from the storage issues to only some extent. So it is always recommended to keep the unused apps in the stop to avoid storage or CPU power usage related issues.

By following these steps, you can successfully install and manage the apps on the Livebox streaming server.