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Autostream Uploaded Files

How to Autostream a Playlist by using the Uploaded Files Option?

You can now create a playlist by uploading your local files and run it on various streaming destinations 24/7 using the Livebox Playlist.

  • To create a fresh playlist with your uploaded files, you can use the “Uploaded Files” option, where you can move the files to the side of the selected file and create a playlist.
playlist Autostreaming

Note:  When you create a playlist for the first time, you can’t use the uploaded files option if you haven’t uploaded any videos on the Livebox server. In that case, first, create a playlist using YouTube links and then upload and add video files to the existing playlist using the Autostream settings.

  • So, if you want to upload files and add them to your existing playlist, then you can follow the below steps.
  • Click on the highlighted icon on the top left of your playlist.
Autostreaming uploaded files on Livebox
  • Specifications to add files open and you can click the “Add files” option to add your files.
  • Select and add your file.
automate files for live streaming
  • Now the file is added. You can also add a few more files the same way.
Livebox Autostream feature
  • After adding files, you can click the “Start Upload” to upload all your added files.
  • Your files start to get uploaded.
playlist Autostreaming option on Livebox streaming server
  • After the files are uploaded, you can go to the playlist main window to click on the gear icon located on the top left side.
Playlist Autostreaming on social media platforms
  • In the settings tab, under the Uploaded Files option, you can select the files from “Available Files” and move them to the “Selected Files” side.
  • Then click the “Play” button.
Livebox Autostreaming
  • You can also use the Up and Down buttons to prioritize your selected videos.
Autostreaming live playlists
  • The uploaded files start to run along with your existing playlist.
  • Preview the playlist on your RTMP channels.
  • And from your RTMP channel, you can publish the playlist live on your social media destinations/streaming platforms.
automate live playlists

So by uploading files and creating a playlist, you can automate live streams 24/7 on your streaming destinations.