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Livebox Access

How to Create a Sub-user on the Livebox Streaming Server?

  • Go to System from the navigation menu. Under the “system,” select Users & Roles.
sub-user and roles
  • In users & roles, go to ‘Add Role’ and click the ‘Create Role Now’ button.
Livebox admin
  • A dialog box ‘Add role’ gets opened.
  • In ‘Add Role’, enter a role name for your user.
  • Then on the Livebox Access, select the ‘Admin’ option to give admin control to your sub-user.
Livebox admin access
  • After selecting the admin option, a few more options appear, where you can Select Livebox services for the Livebox Access role.
  • Then click on the ‘Save’ button.
Livebox permission
  • The role of the Livebox access is created. Now go to ‘Add User’ and create a user for the Livebox access role.
Livebox user
  • Enter the Username and password for your user.
  • Then select the role you have created by clicking the drop-down menu.
Livebox access
  • Then you have to set the Videoconference Limit i.e., the number of conferences that the user is allowed to create while using the Livebox Videoconferencing app.  
  • Then click the ‘Create’ button.
Livebox user role
  • Now go to ‘User List’, where you can view the Livebox Access role for your user is added successfully.
Livebox admin role

Provide the credentials to your user.