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Turning on Transcoding on Autoscaler

How to Enable/Disable Transcoding for Load balancers?

Enabling Transcoding while creating Load balancers involves slightly different steps unlike, the usual origin and edge servers adding method.

Step 1

  • On turning on Transcoding, a new “Preset” option appear so you can select your set of transcoding resolution.

Note:  If you have enabled the “Channel Creation” setting, then there will be two channels (output & input) created to support transcoding.

Step 2

  • Then enter your edge servers.
  • The channel creation option should be left “On” here too.
  • If you have turned on Transcoding in the previous step 1, then the Multi bitrate will be automatically turned on in step 2.
  • Then select the push/pull option and click the “Generate Stream URL” button to generate bulk RTMP URLs.
  • And click the “Create” button. 

Note:  On clicking the “Generate Stream URL” button, bulk RTMP URLs for the selected set of resolutions get generated. 

transcoding (edge servers)

Disable Transcoding

To turn off Transcoding,

  • Click on the added load balancer details on the table.
  • Then click on the edit icon on the origin server details. 
  • A dialog box opens, where you can set Transcoding as Off and then click the “Update” button.
turn off transcoding