Streamer DJ Broadcasting (SHOUTcast Clients)

How to do Broadcasting from Streamer DJ Account? 

  • Create a Streamer DJ account on the Live Radio app.
  • Make sure that you have enabled your SHOUTcast Port on the “Settings”
  • Select the “Station” to which you are broadcasting and set the SHOUTcast port.
  • Then enable your port and “Save” the settings.  

Note:  To get your Port details, go to your Streamer DJ account. 

  • Install BUTT streaming software on your PC.
  • Open the BUTT streaming software.
  • Click the “Settings” button.
  • A dialog box opens, where under the “Main” menu, you’ll get the “Server Settings”.
  • To add your Server, click the “ADD” button.
  • A dialog box “Add Server” opens, where you can fill your server details. 
BUTT broadcasting server
  • To get your server details, go to “Streamer/DJ Accounts” from the Live Radio’s navigation menu.
Butt streaming software settings
  • On the Streamer/DJ Accounts, you can get your server details under “Connection Information”. 
Live radio app
  • So back on your BUTT settings, enter your name, select your type, and then give your server address and port.

Note:  To get the Icecast Username and Password, you can use your Streamer account credentials.

Butt streaming software live streaming
  • After entering your details, click the “ADD” button. Your server settings will be added.

Once the information has been saved, a “Connection established” message will appear along with a configuration summary. You can now go on with your radio broadcasting by clicking on “Play”. 

Butt streaming software live radio broadcast
  • You can go back to your station profile to check the radio broadcasting.

That’s it, you’re now broadcasting!