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Single Page App for Live Streaming

How to Create a Single Page App for the 24/7 Live Streaming Purpose?

Creating a mobile app for your live streams is the simple and same as creating an IPTV mobile app.

To create a single-page app for your live streaming,

  • You have to create a stream group for your streaming channel in MultiCDN settings.
stream group
  • And then in APK Builder, under SPA- Live Streaming, click on the “Create an app” button.
single page app
  • In the app creation form, give your app name, display name, and app description.

Note:  While entering App Name, there shouldn’t be any space or special characters given.

  • In the Server URL, the app creation form will automatically read your server URL and display it on the bar.
  • Then in Stream Group ID, give the stream ID you have created in the MultiCDN settings.
  • Now browse and set your app icon and logo.
  • Finally, click on the “Generate App.”
Livebox single page app to build app
  • Your app creation process begins and when it says at the end “Click the below button to edit the files,” click on the “Edit Files” button below.
build apps using Livebox single page app
  • Now you have to undergo a few settings that involve replacing the custom values in the index.html and theme.css editor pages.
  • In the index.html code editor, you can replace the custom values of address, contact, E-mail, and website with your company details.
  • In the theme.css code editor, you can change the theme background of your mobile app template.
Livebox single page app
  • And when you select any one of the options to edit the custom values or background theme, you can see your mobile app design on the right side.
single page for building apps
  • You can change the values and click the “Update Files” button.

Note:  In the index.html box code editor, scroll down to find the custom values in the flower brackets (e.g., {{phone number}} as 9876543210) and replace them with your company details.

  • And as you replace the values, you can see the changes in the design template.
Single page app for building live streaming apps
  • While changing the color background in the theme.css code editor, you can give the color code in between # and ; and then give “Update File.”
single page for live streaming apps
  • Once after changing the custom values and the template design, you click on the “Generate APK” to download your app.
  • The app gets downloaded in the zip file format. And after extracting the file from your PC downloads, you can upload the app to the play store.
live streaming apps
  • You can use the Release.apk file to upload your app on the play store.
  • And the testing.apk file can be used when you want to test the app on your device.

Note: In the case, if you don’t have an account on the play store, you can still make your end users aware of your SPA or IPTV app by sending the Testing.apk file through any sharing portal.