Re-stream live to Facebook

How to Re-stream on Facebook Using the Livebox Client Portal? The sub-user created by the Livebox admin can access the Client Portal and re-stream the live videos running on the Livebox server channel to their desired destinations. The destination could be anywhere, like Facebook, Periscope, YouTube, Twitch, RTMP servers, and other streaming platforms.

Client Portal Access Role

How to Create the Client Portal Access Role on the Livebox Streaming Server?  The Client Portal Access option can be used to permit the users permission to use Restream the Livebox server contents and to access the Livebox Video Conferencing app through the Client Portal login. So, to create the Client Portal role and user […]

Livebox Access

How to Create a Sub-user on the Livebox Streaming Server? Go to System from the navigation menu. Under the “system,” select Users & Roles. In users & roles, go to ‘Add Role’ and click the ‘Create Role Now’ button. A dialog box ‘Add role’ gets opened. In ‘Add Role’, enter a role name for your […]

Restream Access

How to Assign Restream Access to the Sub-user in Livebox? The Livebox admin can share the server channels with the sub-users for live streaming purposes. When the admin gives permissions to any user to use the server channels, the sub-user gets the power to restream the server live contents or even conduct a live stream […]

Playout & Mixer Software Download

How to Download the Livebox Playout and Video Mixer Software?    Livebox is the only live streaming server that comes with in-built Playout Software and Video Mixer which can be downloaded cost-free. To download Playout Software, Encoder and Video Mixer, Go to Account Settings and click Download. Download option for both Android and Studio shows up. […]

Streaming URL and Embed Code

How to get the Streaming URL and Embed Code from Livebox to Broadcast on Web page/Blog?      The streaming RTMP URL link plays an important role throughout your live streaming process, on the other hand, an embed code is for broadcasting on your website/blog. Both the RTMP URL and embed code are generated by Livebox […]