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How to get the Livebox Server Analytics Report?

Livebox analytics provides a systematic analysis of your server data or statistics.

With the Livebox analytics, you can get to know,

  • The number of admin access to your server.
  • IP addresses that have accessed your server.
  • Browsers that have been used to access your server.
  • Access location of your server.
  • Date and time the server is accessed.
  • The number of hits requests to the server for files like image, HTML page, JavaScript or CSS.

Note:  To check other details like current views of your streams, you have to go Viewers Count page. Even to check the bandwidth usage and RTMP stats, you have to go to their respective pages in Viewers Report and not in Analytics.

To check the analytics of your server, follow the below steps,

  • Go to HTTP Settings under Settings.
Livebox HTTPS settings
  • In HTTP Settings, Turn On Access log and Error log.
Livebox streaming server streaming report
  • After turning on both access log and error log, click the icon highlighted in the below illustration.
streaming server
  • Then give Service Restart to get the changes applied to your server.
service restart
Livebox service restart
  • Then go to Viewers Report under System.
viewers report
  • In Viewers Report page, go to Analytics.
Livebox server analytics report
  • Here click on the Open Analytics Report to see your server analytics.
analytics report

You can get the details about the server access and other in-depth details of server hits, location, IP address, browsers, date, and time with this Livebox analytics report.