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User Device Activation

How to Activate a User Device?

  Device activation is for Livebox TV mobile app. The user registers to your service by installing the mobile app when the authentication is enabled. So with the registered information, you can activate your user’s device to get access to your service.

Note:  The admin can also manually create a user by using the user creating specifications within the Livebox TV.

To activate your user’s device,

  • Go to “Devices” from the navigation menu.
IPTV User device activation
  • In “Device”, enter your username, and device type and give the appropriate device ID.
  • Set a package for your user and then give “Add”.
user device activation on Livebox IPTV
  • Now go to “Manage Device” and click the “Activate” button to initiate your user’s device activation.
IPTV device activation
  • A dialog box asks, “Are you sure to Activate?”, you can give “Yes”.
Livebox IPTV
  • You have now successfully activated your user’s device. Anytime you can edit or deactivate the service to your user’s device in “Manage Device”.
IPTV Livebox

But in the case of a website, if the authentication is enabled, just enter the user details and assign a subscription to activate the service to your user.
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