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Paid SSL Certificate

How to Generate the Paid SSL Certificate on Livebox?

Secure Socket Layer certificates are digital files that provide privacy and security for your both domain and user’s personal information. On installing an SSL certificate to your domain, the protocol HTTP will change to HTTPS, so that it makes your server's communications between a website and an internal browser encrypted and secure. In the Livebox streaming server, you can generate your SSL certificates for your domain within a few steps. In the Livebox streaming server, you can generate your SSL certificates cost-free within a few steps.

Note: Renew your SSL certificates every 12 months.

  • The domain with no SSL certificate encryption is those with the “Not secure” indication on the URL tab. 
ssl encryption

In order to secure your domain, you have to generate an SSL certificate and encrypt your domain. To generate your SSL certificate from your certificate authority, follow the below steps:

  • Click Settings from the navigation menu.
  • Under settings, click Security and a Privacy Settings page opens.
  • On the Privacy Settings page click the SSL Certificates option to generate your SSL certificate. 
SSL Certificate on Livebox
  • Near the SSL certificate mapped on option, you can use the provided drag-down menu to select the domain to which you want to enable SSL certificate encryption.
  • If you want to add any NEW domain follow the steps given here. (So, after creating the new domain, back here on the SSL certificate page you can select your newly added domain name on the “SSL certificate mapped on” option.)
Paid SSL certificate
  • Then under the “Request Form”, you can just fill in your details and then click “Generate Request” to generate a certificate in requisition to your certificate authority.
SSL certificate encryption
  • Once you click the option “Generate Request”, your request file will be downloaded to your local files.
  • The request gets downloaded in the Zip format, extract and then click on the extracted “Certification” folder.
paid ssl encryption
  • Copy the files inside the Certification folder. And send the files to your certificate authority website.
  • The certificate authority, in turn, sends the response certificate.
  • Download the SSL response certificate and SSL response key and upload it under “Certificate Response” on the Livebox SSL Certificate page.
Ssl certificate response
  • If you want to set this domain as your default domain you can click the icon mentioned in the below illustration.
mark as default server
  • So now, back to the Livebox dashboard, you can see your new domain name being replaced in all the places where the previous domain name existed.
free ssl encryption
  • And on the URL bar of your Livebox server, you can now see that your domain is now secured i.e., HTTPS encrypted.
encrypted server
  • You can even click the lock icon to get more information about your domain’s SSL certificate.
  • And if you click on the Certificate, you can get your certificate information as well.
free ssl certification
SSL certificate

You have successfully generated an SSL certificate for your domain.