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Adjust Streaming Video Aspect Ratio

How to Increase the Streaming Video’s Aspect Ratio? 

When Live Streaming on Livebox, if the streaming video doesn't fit well on the player, the streaming video's aspect ratio can be increased by turning on one single button.

set aspect ratio
  • Go to ‘Channel Settings’.
Livebox streaming channel settings
  • Then go to ‘Player Settings’.
player settings
  • Select the streaming channel to which you want to increase the aspect ratio of the streaming video.
select channel
  • Then under ‘Player Settings’, turn on the Stretch button followed by clicking the ‘Update’ button.
set streaming videos aspect ratio on Livebox
  • Now back on the Channel Dashboard, stream a source to the channel and preview the streaming video source on the player. 
aspect ratio for the streaming videos

This setting is optional only in the case when you find the streaming video’s dimension is too small to fit the player.