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SRT Streaming

How to Conduct SRT Streaming?

During unpredictable network situations, opting for SRT streaming resolves network challenges like jitter, packet loss, and bandwidth fluctuations.

SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) optimizes poor streaming performance and offers High-quality low latency streaming over any network.

To start the SRT streaming,

  • Go to “Streaming Server” under “Settings” from the navigation menu.
streaming server settings
  • On the Streaming Server settings, scroll down and turn on Low Latency and then save the settings. 
  • Following, give “Service Restart” to get the changes applied.
low latency
  • Now to go to “Manage Channels” and click the URL button of the preferred streaming channel. 
manage channels
  • Copy the SRT URL link. 
SRT streaming URL

Now go to the OBS Studio (encoder) and add your streaming video source. 

  • Then click the “Settings” button. 
obs studio
  • A settings tab opens, where you can go to the “Stream” section to enter the copied URL and give “OK.” 

Note: Unlike the usual way (entering the RTMP URL while streaming to the Livebox channel), for the SRT streaming, enter the full SRT URL on the “Server” dash and leave the “Stream Key” dash empty.     

SRT streaming OBS settings
  • Then click the “Start Streaming” button.
start streaming on obs

The streaming gets started on your server channel. 

To check the streaming, 

  • Go to “Livebox Dashboard” and play your server channel. 

You’re all set to push live to your streaming destinations!

Being unmindful of your network issues, stream to multiple streaming destinations simultaneously.