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Pull Live Sources

How to Pull Live Source from RTMP, HLS, MP4, M3U8?

Pull sources from RTMP, M3U8, RTSP, and UDP to the Livebox streaming channel and send (push live) it across your multiple streaming destinations.

  • Go to “Edit Channel.”
Edit Livebox channels
  • Select you streaming channel and click the edit button. 
easy live streaming
  • You can add RTMP, M3U8, RTSP, UDP URLs to pull sources. 
  • Then set the Preset as “Streamcopy” and click the “Start” button.


Force Start– Number of times you want to restart the retry attempts for pull sources. 

Retry Attempts– Number of times you want to restart the live when the connection error occurs.

pull live streaming sources
  • On clicking the Start button, the streaming status will appear at the bottom of the dialog box. 
live streaming by pulling sources from RTMP and HLS
  • Back on “Edit Channels,” the streaming status will be indicated by the “Streaming ON” notification.
live streaming
  • From your channel, you can live stream (push destinations) to all your streaming destinations.
pull live sources