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Podcast Streaming: Graphics

The Podcast Streaming has additional features which makes your video conferencing to look more professional. Follow the below steps to add graphics and ticker to your video conferencing.

    • Create User& Roles and stream your video conferencing by following the steps in the link below:                                                                                                                               Podcast Streaming: A Video Conferencing Room

Graphics:  Under graphics, you can change your background, logo, and overlay.

  • In the Logo dropdown box, you can set the existing logo for your conference or add it from your local disk by clicking on the + button.
  • In the Background dropdown box, you can change the background of your conference by choosing the available background.
  • You can also add an overlay to your conference for better presentation by clicking on the overlay tab.

You can successfully add an overlay to your conference.

Likewise you can add and modify  the changes in your podcast streaming which depends on the needs and demands of Vide0 Conferencing.