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Add New Domain Name

How to Add a New Domain Name?

To add a new domain name to your server,

Note:  Make sure that you have already purchased a domain from the domain name registrar such as,,, etc.

  • Then go to HTTP Settings under Settings from the navigation menu. 
Livebox HTTPS settings
  • In the HTTP Settings page, you can add the new domain name using the Server name option.
  • Click theadd button provided near the Server Name option to add your new domain name.
HTTPs redirection
  • A dialog box “Add New Server Name opens”, where you can enter your valid domain purchased from the domain name registrar.

(Make sure to point the domain to the Livebox server IP)

HTTPs secure site
  • Now your new domain name is added.

Note:  The new domain can be set as a default server only if the domain has a valid SSL certificate. If there is no SSL certificate for your domain, you have the option to encrypt both free and paid SSL certificates within the Livebox streaming server. (Links to Free/Paid SSL Encryption documentations are given below)

To make your newly added domain as the default server, (to be followed only if the domain already has an SSL certificate) 
  • Click the drop-down menu provided near the Server Name option and select your newly added domain name.
marking HTTPs server
  • Now click the highlighted icon to make your new domain as the default server.
HTTPS redirections
  • So now, if you go back to the Livebox dashboard, you can see your new domain name being replaced in all the places where the previous domain name existed.
new domain

In the case when you don’t have an SSL certificate for your domain name, you can generate both the free and paid SSL certificate within the Livebox streaming server.