UV (Ultimate Video) Player Settings

Pick your own player type according to your preference!

Each player type comes along with its unique features. The settings package that involves with UV (Ultimate Video) player is listed below.

  • Go to ‘Channel Settings’ from the navigation menu.
  • Then go to the ‘Player Settings’.
  • Select the player type as Ultimate Video Player.

On selecting Ultimate Video Player, there will be given a few additional settings that can intensify your server player’s outlook. 

  • Auto Play– When this option is enabled, the live streams will be played or displayed automatically without the user’s interference. 
  • Loop– On enabling this option, the live streams will set to go on loop. 
  • Show Fullscreen Option– This option enables the fullscreen option on the control bar. 
  • Fullscreen on Play– On enabling this option, when the live stream plays, the player automatically opens and plays in fullscreen.
  • Show Preloader– This option enables the preloader to run on the player before the streaming content is loaded.
  • Rewind Time– You can set the rewinding time to rewind and view the live streams by enabling this option. 
  • Show Sharing Option– This option enables the sharing option on the control bar.
  • Show Downloading Option– This option enables the downloading option on the control bar.
  • Show Info Option-This option enables info on the control bar.
  • Show Embed Option– This option enables embed codes on the control bar.

An all-set UV Player!