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Livebox Player Settings

Pick your own player type according to your preference!

  • Clappr
  • Livebox Video Player

Both Clappr and Livebox Video Player have unique features that intensify the server players' performance. The settings package that involves with Livebox video player is listed below:

  • Go to ‘”Channel Settings”‘ from the navigation menu.
  • Then go to the “Player Settings.”
  • Select the player as Livebox Video Player.
  • You can select “Type” as HLS/Dash/MP4. 
livebox player

On selecting Livebox Video Player, you get a few additional settings that can intensify your server player’s performance. 

  • Allow Fullscreen Option– This option enables the fullscreen option on the control bar.
  • Preload Content– This option enables the preloader (image) to be set on the player when the player is not running.
  • Auto Play– When this option is enabled, the live streams will be played or displayed automatically without the user’s interference. 
  • Video 360– This option enables 360-degree live streaming. 
  • Fullscreen on Play– On enabling this option, when the live stream plays, the player automatically opens and plays in fullscreen.
  • Keyboard Support– This option enables the keyboard support to control the player functions. 
  • Share Option– This option enables the sharing option on the control bar.
  • Rewind Time– You can set the rewinding time to rewind and view the live streams by enabling this option. 
  • Mute– This option enables the mute option on the control bar. 
  • Loop– On enabling this option, the live streams will set to go on loop.

An all-set UV Player!

General Settings

player logo new
  • You can set player skin according to your preference.
  • Edit error messages and also color customize the player.
player settings