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Bulk Channel Settings

How to Perform Bulk Channel Settings?

Manage server channels in mass!

You can activate settings for multiple channels all at once.

To do bulk actions for channels,

  • Go to “Manage Channels.”
bulk channel settings
  • Then go to the Bulk Channel Settings section.
  • Select all or whatever channels you want. 
bulk manage channels
  • By selecting channels, you can perform settings, delete or refresh channels in one shot.  
bulk manage channels

On clicking the settings icon, you do bulk actions like,


  1. For Push settings, you have to turn on and then hit the “set” button but prior to that, make sure you have added streaming destinations at Push Destination settings.
  2. And same goes for the Pull settings. You can add pull sources at Edit Channel
bulk channel actions
  • And under “Actions,” you can view your channel player, chat, info, analytics, or delete the channels individually.
bulk channel actions