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Player Playlist

How to Create a Player Playlist?

Livebox Player settings extended a feature to create a playlist with varied options to extract the streaming source.

So to create a player playlist,

  • Go to “Channel Settings.”
Livebox channel settings
  • Go to the “Player Settings” section.
player playlist
  • Click the “Create Playlist” button.
add playlist
  • Enter your playlist name and click the “Save” button.

Note: Don’t leave space while entering your playlist name. 

create playlist

Now you have to add files to your playlist. 

  • So, click the “Add Files” button.
add files on player playlist
  • A dialog box opens where you get to select your playlist and the file type.
playlist file type

There are 4 ways you can add files to your playlist.

  • Channel- You can add live streaming videos of the server channel.
  • URL- You can add any URL. (YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, RTMP, and more.)
  • Uploaded Files- You can upload or add uploaded files.
  • Recorded Files- You can add recorded files. 
file type for adding playlist

To add your channel streaming videos to the playlist,

  • Select file type as “Channel.”
  • Then select your live streaming channel under “Channel.”
  • Now click the “Save” button and your playlist will be added.
adding playlist with livebox channel videos

To add URL,

  • Select file type as “URL.”
  • Then enter any valid URL.
  • Now click the “Save” button and your playlist will be added.
add playlist with URLs

To add Uploaded Files,

  • Select file type as “Uploaded Files.”
  • Then click the “Select Files” button.
adding playlist with files
  • You can upload new files by using the “Bulk File Upload” button or even add the existing files.
  • To add the files to the playlist use the “Select/Select all” button to select files and then click the plus button.
file playlist

After adding the files close the tab.

  • Then click the “Save” button on the “Add Playlist Files” box and your playlist will be added.
save player playlist

To add Recorded Files,

  • Follow the same procedures as uploaded files.
save player playlist

So after adding your files,  you can turn on your playlist.

turn on playlist
  • Use the controls given to view the player, get the embed code, and delete the playlist. 
  • On clicking the player icon, you can view the preview and also control the playlist. 
player playlist
  • Then click the embed icon to get the embed code of your playlist.
embed code for playlist

You can paste the embed code on your streaming platforms settings to reach your viewers.