WebRTC Streaming

How to Integrate Camera Devices with Livebox Server for Real-Time Web Communication?

The WebRTC feature included on Livebox accredits the prospect of real-time live streaming from anywhere without depending on encoders.

Within three simple steps you can flip Live Streams through WebRTC,

  1. Connect you live capturing camera and microphone device to the Livebox server.
  2. Finish off the integration by selecting your server RTMP channel.
  3. Finally, push live streams to your streaming destinations.

  • Under “Manage Channels”, go to WebRTC from the navigation menu.
WEBrtc on Livebox
  • Select your Streaming Channel.
  • And then click the “Start” button located below the input area. (Make sure that you have connected your camera device and microphone)
start live using WebRTC-min

Note:  When streaming is in progress, if you move another tab or another channel, then the streaming will be stopped.

Livebox begins to fetch your streaming source captured by camera device.

  • Once the streaming successful, you can see the streaming source on the input area along with the other streaming deatils (frame rate, time and speed).
WebRTC feature on Livebox Streaming server

You have successfully streamed your camera source to the Livebox server’s channel.

Now you can start to push the live stream (using Push Destinations option) to your streaming destinations or embed it on your websites/blogs with the provided embed codes.

  • On clicking the icon next to Service Settings, you can get Embed codes for both  playback and webRTC streaming respectively to embed the Livebox WebRTC service on your websites and blogs. (Elaborate steps on embedding WebRTC feature/playback given below)
embed code for WebRTC streaming
  • To stop the streaming, click on the “Stop” button
Livebox WebRTC Feature
  • You can Start, Stop or Restart WebRTC services by clicking the “Service Settings” button.
webRTC streaming
WebRTC services

How to Embed WebRTC feature/Playback on Websites?

1. Embedding WebRTC Playback

After live-streaming your camera source using the WebRTC feature, you can preview the player of the channel you have selected.

You can further continue the process by embedding the player on your websites.

To do so, 

  • Click the “Embed Code” icon located next to the “Service Settings” button.
Livebox streaming server
  • Copy the Playback Embed Code and paste it on your website post settings.
embed the live streaming player

In the case of WordPress websites, paste the embed code under Custom HTML block.

publishing live streams on WordPress websites
  • After publishing, you can view the embedded live stream on your site. 
WebRTC feature on Livebox

Share the site link to your viewers to help them stay connected with all your live streams.

2. Embedding WebRTC Feature

Not just embedding the playback, but there is also an option to embed the WebRTC feature on websites. 

  • Copy the WebRTC streaming embed code and paste it on your website post settings. 
Livebox streaming server
  • Copy-paste the WebRTC streaming embed code on your website post settings and publish it.
WebRTC live streaming

On providing the link to your website, any third-party streamers can use the WebRTC feature embedded on your site for the live streaming purpose.