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Change Player Skin & Message

How to Change Player Skin and Message?

Change your player skin according to your brand theme with a good deal of options provided by Livebox player settings.

1. Player Skin

To change the player’s skin,

  • Under Manage Channels, go to “Channel Settings.”
channel settings
  • Then go to “Player Settings.”
  • And select the channel to which you want to change the player’s skin. 
player settings
  • Click the drop-down menu under the player. 
Livebox skin change
  • Select an option.
  • Then click the apply button. 

Modern Dark Skin

Metal Dark Skin

Modern White Skin

Explore the other options. 

2. Player Message

To change player’s message,

  • Change message 1 & message 2 according to your preference. 
player message change
  • Then click the apply button.

 the changes get applied immediately.