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Channel Logo

How to Add a Logo to the Livebox Streaming Channel?

Any business or service requires a brand recognition which can be achieved by having a unique Logo. It is the same in the case of your streaming where logo plays a vital role in giving recognition as well as the identity to your streams. The more unique is your logo, the more it becomes quick and easy for your viewers to recognize your streams. You can set apart your streams by building yourself a brand logo and have a consistent and professional image for your streams.

Make your streaming more realistic by adding channel Logo to your streams.

So, to set your logo,

  • Click Create  Channel from the navigation menu, and a Create new channel page opens. 
Livebox RTMP channels
  • In Create new channel page enter your channel name, stream name, password, turn on secure play and thumbnail (based upon your need) and turn on Channel logo.
  • Now click the upload icon near the logo settings.
setting channel logo on Livebox
  • A new dialog box Channel logo settings open, and click the “Select file” option to browse and add a logo from your local files. 

Note:  The logo image should be in .png or .jpeg format, and an approximate dimension of 200*100 pixels. 

channel logo settings
  • After selecting your file, click the “Upload” option. 
channel logo for streaming channels
  • After the logo is uploaded, position the logo and set the origin of your channel logo.
  • Then click the “Update” button.  
Livebox streaming channels

Note:  Based on the position you select, the X and Y-axis of your logo origin will appear. So, you can position the logo in the exact location you want by adjusting the X-origin and Y-origin.

uploading logo for Livebox streaming channels
  • Back again in your channel creating options, click the “Create” button. The logo is now added to your channel. 
add channel logo

Note:  And while adding a logo in Edit Channels, don’t forget to click Save once you finish updating your channel logo. Also give Service Restart to get your changes applied. (Please follow the below steps in the case when you are adding/changing a logo in Edit Channels menu.)

Edit Livebox channels
Livebox tsreaming server channels
set up Livebox streaming server channels
service restart
  • Now to check the working of the added logo, stream a video source to your channel.
  • Then go to Dashboard and preview your stream to check your logo.

You have successfully added a logo to your live streaming channel.