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Low Latency Streaming

How to Enable Low Latency Streaming Option?

Latency means delay, that is, the actual time lag that exists during the transmission of streaming content to the viewer's screen. The latency range widely experienced commonly is between 30-60 seconds.

Latency occurs due to various reasons, like,

  • Poor encoding efficiency
  • Wide audience spectrum
  • Different geographical locations
  • Local network problems
  • Low bandwidth
  • Traffic load
  • Device/server compatibility

So to achieve immediacy in live streams besides all the above latency reasons, Livebox has come up with a solution for every use case.

"A low latency settings added on Livebox to deliver consistent viewing experience to the end-user."

  • Go to Streaming Server settings.
streaming server settings
  • Scroll down and turn on Low Latency setting and then click ‘Save’.
low latency settings on Livebox
  • Then go to the ‘Channel Dashboard’ and check the preview player.
  • There will be an option given on the player to switch from the default player to a low latency player. 
low latency streaming on Livebox
  • You can also get the Low Latency Embed Code on clicking the ‘Embed Code’ button.

Note: Each streaming channel on Livebox has unique auto-generated embed codes. And these codes can be used to embed the player on your blogs/websites.

low latency embed code

You have successfully turned on the low latency setting on your Livebox server. 

Here’s to the real-time streaming!