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Automatic MP4/FLV Source Transcoding

How to Automatically Transcode MP4 & FLV Sources?

To transcode MP4 sources,

  • Go to Recording under Manage Channels.
record live streams on Livebox
  • Go to MP4 Recording section.
  • Select your streaming channel for which you are going to enable MP4 recording. 
  • Now under MP4 Recording, turn on the button.
  • Then also turn on the Transcoding button. 
MP4 Recording
  • You can select resolutions for the transcoding process using the “Preset” option.
  • Then enter a file name and click the “Save” button.
  • Once you give “Service Restart”, the transcoding settings will be applied to your server.
service restart

Now you can begin live streaming to the channel you have enabled MP4 recording as well as the transcoding process. 

recording files

Once you stop the live streaming, you can go to the “Recorded Files” section to check for the transcoded MP4 source. 

Note:  Make sure to turn off the transcoding process once after recording the source as it consumes your server’s CPU load. 

To transcode FLV sources,

FLV recording also follows a same procedure as MP4 recording. So to transcode a FLV source,

  • Go to FLV Recording, select a streaming channel to which you want to enable FLV transcoding.
FLV Recording
  • On the FLV Recording section, click the add button to create a new profile.
  • Followed by turn on the Transcoding button.
  • Then provide your profile details and click the “Save” button.
  • Finally, give “Service Restart”.
Livebox recording
  • Now stream a source to the channel you have enabled transcoding.
  • Once the streaming is stopped, you can go to the “Recorded files section”, select your channel and then you’ll get the recorded file.
  • If you click the recorded video, you can select near the “Play by” menu, whether to see the recorded file on default mode or with transcoding qualities.
Livebox transcoding
  • If you select Transcoding, then on the preview it will show the transcoding qualities (this will apply for MP4 too)
transcode recording sources

Now with the recorded files, you can either restreaming it later or publish on your websites/blogs using the provided embed codes.