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How to Enable the Digital Video Recorder Setting?

Turning on the DVR setting in Livebox enables the playback of the live streaming footage in real-time.

So to turn on DVR,

  • Go to ‘Channel Settings’ from the navigation menu.
channel settings
  • Then go to ‘Player Settings’.
player settings
  • Select a channel to which you want to enable DVR.
select channel
  • Scroll down to enable the DVR setting followed by clicking the ‘Update’ button.

From now on, every time you stream to the enabled channel and embed the player/push to your streaming destinations, your viewers will be able to catch up with your live streams even when they’ve missed the actual timings. 

digital video recording in Livebox
  • Simultaneously, they can also switch back to live to catch up with the current streaming. 
digital video recording in Livebox

Happy Streaming!