Add New Domain Name

How to Add a New Domain Name? To add a new domain name to your server, Note:  Make sure that you have already purchased a domain from the domain name registrar such as,,, etc. Then go to HTTP Settings under Settings from the navigation menu.  In the HTTP Settings page, you can […]

Livebox Player Customization

How to Customize the Livebox Channel Player? To customize the Livebox player, Go to Channel Settings from the navigation menu. In Channel Settings, go to the Player Settings. Select the streaming channel to which you have to do the player customization. On the right side of the Player Settings, you can adjust the color of […]

Transcoding using OBS Studio

How to Conduct Transcoding Using OBS Studio as an Encoder? Adaptive bitrate streaming (Transcoding) is available only in the higher-end versions of Livebox. To Transcode using OBS, Keep your streaming channels ready i.e., output channel and input channel. Now under Manage Channels, go to Transcoding. A Transcoding page opens up and you can select your […]

Mixing Streams using Livebox Mixer

How to Mix Streams Using the Livebox Mixer?  The Livebox mixer is one of the dimensions of the Livebox streaming server. With the Livebox mixer, you can mix and match your streaming contents based upon your needs. And also, you can add effects and configurations to your streams by using the Livebox mixer. Login to […]