Monitoring Receiver Device from the Livebox Server

With the Livebox Receiver device, it is possible to carry out smooth streaming of HD videos like a cable output without being uninterrupted even when the network failover occurs. The other advantage of having the Receiver device is the device can be controlled even from distant places with the help of the Livebox streaming server.  

So, to monitor your Receiver device activities, you can go to the Device Monitor under System from the navigation menu.

Device Monitoring in Livebox
  • On the device monitoring page, select Receiver option using the drop-down menu given near Select Device.
receiver device monitoring in Livebox
  • Now you can watch or control your Receiver device activities remotely. You can perform the actions of your Receiver device from the Livebox server itself by using the Settings button.
receiver device activated
receiver device

Through the Device Monitor option in Livebox, you can manage and monitor your receiver device from anywhere and give smooth streamflow even to the distant places.