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How to Record Live Streams on Livebox?

Live Record your Streams!

It doesn’t matter whether you stream in HLS, FLV, or MP4 format, yet you can always record all your live streaming videos while using the Livebox streaming server.

Click on the below video to learn how to initiate recording of the live streaming videos on your server.

To get the Livebox subscription, go to, 

  • Under Manage Channels,go to Recording.
  • A new page with diverse recording options opens, where you can start the recording of your  FLV, MP4 or HLS sources
  • To record FLV sources– Go to FLV section, add new profile, pick up a record mode, save it and finally give Service Restart. 
  • To record MP4 and HLS source, it is just enough to Turn On the recording and enter the file name and click Save. Don’t forget the Service Restart step.

And here's your video help!