Livebox Branding Settings

In the higher-end versions of Livebox, white-labeling the server can be done in the Livebox Branding settings. While rebranding, the user can actually white-label the Livebox server name, access URL, logo and contact details given on the Livebox error pages and replace with their brand details for their end-users. So, the Livebox users can now rebrand the whole server under their company details in a simplistic way within the Livebox Branding Settings.

White-labeling the Livebox involves only a few steps,

  • Go to HTTP Settings under Settings from the navigation menu.
http settings in Livebox
  • Now go into the Branding Settings page.
branding settings in Livebox
  • In Branding Settings, if you want to change the Livebox server under your brand name, then enter your brand name.
  • The name you are entering should contain the first letter in the uppercase with no space and special characters.
  • Then click on the highlighted icon on the below image.
rebrand in Livebox
  • A dialog box with a warning message pop-up and you can give OK.
change your brand name in Livebox branding settings
  • Likewise, you can also change the Access URL Name to your directory.
  • The Access URL name should contain only a single word in lowercase.
  • So, after changing the Access URL name, click on the highlighted icon on the below image.
change access URL
  • A warning dialog box pop-up and you can give OK.
chnage access URL name in  Livebox
  • And if you want to replace the server logo with your brand logo, first upload a logo in the Upload Branding Logo option.
  • So, select an image file from your browser.
change the logo
  • And then click Upload.
upload a logo
  • Once after uploading the image, you can select and change the server logo by clicking the drop-down menu in the Change Branding Logo.
logo re-branding in Livebox
  • After selecting the logo from the drop-down menu, click on the highlighted icon on the below image.
logo changes for Livebox features
  • A dialog box opens, where you select the Livebox features to replace the default logo.
  • Select the Livebox features and then click the Change button.
set logo for Livebox features
  • Now reload or Ctrl+Shift the server page to see the replaced logo in the server and other given feature pages.
white-labeling the Livebox streaming server
  • Then in Branding Lists, you can change the contact number on the Livebox error pages.
  • So, click on the drop-down menu to select the whichever error page you want to replace your contact number.
branding lists
  • You can change the contact number in the pages like 404, Bandwidth limit, Date Expired, Disables and Error pages.
branding lists pages
  • In the code editor and on the 11th and 12th lines, you can change the phone number of yours.
  • Then finally click Save.
white-labeling the livebox
  • Then go to the error page and check for your replaced number. The same way you can do for the other pages given under the drop-down menu.
change the contact number in Livebox branding settings

So, you can start the whole package of streaming with your brand identity by white-labeling the Livebox streaming server.