Bulk File Upload

   You can now upload bulk files in the Livebox streaming server using the Bulk File Upload option. By using the bulk file upload option, you can save your local files to the server and from the server you can live stream to your destinations effortlessly. With the uploaded files you can also create a playlist and make it run on your streaming platforms or even better you can use the embed URL code of your uploaded files to embed the uploaded files live on your websites/blogs.
To bulk upload files,
  • Go to Recording, under Manage Channels.Livebox Recording

  • In the recording, go to the Uploaded Files section.uplaod files in Livebox streaming server

  • Here click on the Bulk File Upload button to start uploading your files.bulk file upload

  • Now you can click on the Add Files option and select videos from your local files.adding files for bulk upload

  • Your file is now added and is ready for the upload.bulk file upload

  • Likewise, you can add a number of files and upload them on the server.bulk file upload using the livebox streaming server

  • Now to complete your file uploading process, click on the Start Upload button.start uploading files in Livebox streaming server

  • Your files start to get uploaded to the server.uploading bulk files using the Livebox streaming server

  • Now close this file uploader to see your uploaded files.
  • With these files, you can create a playlist and stream live the uploads using the queue feature to social media/streaming platform.uploaded files

  • You can also embed the uploaded file on your website/blogs using the embed URL code.

embedding uploaded files

So now you can upload bulk files using the Livebox streaming server and stream live to your various streaming destinations or embed on your websites without the support of any other external encoders.