Factory Reset/Service Monitor

To reset factory for all services,

  • Go to System from the navigation menu and click Service Monitor.
service monitor
  • A Service Monitor page opens, where you can see the status of all your services and you can Stop, Start or Restart any service you want.

By following these steps you can factory reset the following services inside the Livebox streaming server,

  • Streaming server
  • Livebox Server
  • Livebox Group Server
  • Livebox TV
  • Speed Test
  • Receiver Monitor
  • Player Server
  • Chat Server
  • Mixer Player API
  • Viewers Chat
  • Live Stats
  • Queue Server
  • Queue Database
  • User and Role Management System
  • Apps Controller Service
  • Apps Service Monitoring
  • Websites
  • Database ServerBandwidth Usage
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Analytics
  • If you want to reset all the services, then click on the Reset Factory For All Services button.
  • And if you want clear your cache files you can click the Clear Cache button.