Backup and Restore

How to Backup and Restore Files in Livebox? To backup and restore your data, Go to Settings from the navigation menu and click the HTTP Settings option.  Now go to Backup and Restore page and enter the date to which you need the backup. And then click the Backup button. It takes some time to back up your […]

Recorded Files

How to Find the Recorded Files on the Livebox Streaming Server? Livebox keeps all your recorded files safe. To search your recorded files, Under Manage Channels, you can record, transcode and also MBR (Multi-Bitrate) streaming. In recordings, go to Recorded Files and click “Show recorded files for all channels”, where you can search your recorded files […]

Factory Reset

How to Reset the Factory for the Services on the Livebox Streaming Server? To reset factory for all services, Go to System from the navigation menu and click Service Monitor. A Service Monitor page opens, where you can see the status of all your services and you can Stop, Start or Restart any service you […]


How to Restrict Streams on the Livebox Streaming Server? Livebox maintains secure privacy for its users. Though piracy can’t be eradicated, it can be controlled to some extent. To restrict your streams, Go to Manage Channels from the navigation menu and click Channel Settings. Under Channel Setting, go to Restrictions, where you can see restrictions […]

Service Restart

How to Service Restart the Livebox Streaming Server? While applying any new changes or creating a channel, the changes are implemented only after giving Service Restart. So to Service Restart, Click Service Restart from the top right corner. A dialog box opens where you can click “OK” to apply new changes to your Livebox server. […]

Speed Test

How to Conduct the Livebox Speed Test? Livebox Speed test checks server’s speed, internet and also the receiver’s speed. To check your server’s speed, Go to the navigation menu and select System. A Speed Test page opens, where you can see the speed meter scales on both sides. Click “Go” on the screen to start […]

RTMP Status

How to Check the Livebox RTMP Stats? To view your RTMP stats, Go to System from the navigation menu and click Viewers Report. In the viewers report page, go to RTMP Stats, where you can get the statistics report of your streaming channels. Related Articles


How to get the Livebox Server Analytics Report? Livebox analytics provides a systematic analysis of your server data or statistics. With the Livebox analytics, you can get to know, The number of admin access to your server. IP addresses that have accessed your server. Browsers that have been used to access your server. Access location […]